Information about EPERC: the European R&D

Initiatives were taken in early 2008 to set up an association under Belgian law, known as EPERC.

The initial meeting, run by ANIMA, the Federation of Italian Mechanical Engineering Industries, and the Italian Boiler-Making Union, took place on 24 February 2009 in Milan, and the second on 6 April 2009 in Budapest.

On 5 June 2009, a meeting took stock of what has been achieved and to agree on how to proceed.

EPERC’s work should develop in the following areas:

  • pre or co-normative research in support of European standards;
  • research into optimising in-service inspection;
  • training and dissemination of knowledge;
  • discussions with international organisations with similar goals, such as the PVRC and PVRC Japan.

You can find all the information about EPERC on their webpage.