Information about COLEN

COLEN’s (French Liaison Committee for Nuclear Pressure Equipment, Comité de Liaison des Equipements sous pression Nucléaies) mission, under the aegis of AQUAP, is to answers questions about the application of the French Decree dated 12 December 2005 (known as the pressure equipment decree) as asked by the various stakeholders (operators, manufacturers, inspection bodies, agencies, etc.).
COLEN’s mission covers the following:

  • For new and replacement equipment, the pressure equipment decree, in its entirety,
  • For in-service equipment, level N2 or N3 pressure equipment and level N1 pressure equipment excluding the MPSs / MSSs for pressurised water nuclear reactors.

COLEN performs the following tasks seamlessly with the French Nuclear Safety Authority:

  • Collects questions on the AQUAP website
  • Sorts questions via the committee
  • Develops proposed answers in the form of sheets
  • Validates sheets and submits them to the ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority) for formal approval
  • Publishes all the approved sheets on the AQUAP website
  • Collects questions on the AQUAP website

You can find information about COLEN on their page.