Information about APITI (The Association for the Promotion of Technical Inspection amongst Industrial Manufacturers )


APITI is an Association (founded in accordance with the French 1901 Act) comprised of French industrial manufacturers that have developed internal technical inspection processes. In particular, in the area of fixed or transportable pressure equipment it includes the OIUs (User Inspection Bodies), SIRs (Recognised Inspection Services) and all the independent inspection bodies used by industrial manufacturers.

You can find information on the Association by downloading the brochure.

A census of type B-accredited User Inspection Bodies (OIUs) and Recognised Inspection Services (SIRs) has been carried out, leading to the preparation of the updated lists attached:

In addition, the list of professional guides approved by the Minister of Industry, under the French Decree dated 15 March 2000 (amended) for drawing up inspection programmes used by the SIRs, is attached and will be periodically updated.

APITI sheets:

Finally, the list of APITI sheets for helping members to apply the regulations makes it possible to access the approved sheets:
These sheets are not binding on the authorities

  • Table 4 - List of APITI sheets and access to sheets (November 2009)
Fiche ESP / A / III / 1 - Objet : Justification de sous-épaisseurs (Subject: Justification for sub-layers)
Fiche SIR 43 -1 - : Objet : Contenu et élaboration de la liste des équipements soumis à surveillance (Sheet SIR 43 -1 -: Subject: Content and preparation of the list of equipment subject to monitoring)
Fiche SIR 43 -2 - : Objet : Autorisation de mise en service et accessoire de sécurité (Subject: Authorisation for commissioning and safety accessory)
Fiche SIR 15.1-1 : Objet : Activités sous-traitées à des services internes au groupe industriel (Subject: Operations sub-contracted to internal departments in the industrial group)
Fiche SIR 8.8-1 : Objet : Information de la DRIRE si non conformité au plan d’inspection (Subject: Information from DRIRE if non-compliance with the inspection plan)

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