Professional guides and technical specifications

The regulations on the use of pressure equipment under the French Decree dated 15 March 2000 (amended), adopted pursuant to Decree No. 99-1046 dated 13 December 1999, introduce the idea of professional guides required for specifying the practical arrangements for implementing the requirements of the Order. In addition, equipment that benefited from improvements to the regulatory requirements under the Decrees of 1926 and 1943, as they were built and tested under special technical provisions, must be specifically addressed in the new regulatory framework.

The corresponding constructive provisions, which must be maintained so that the new equipment can enjoy the same improvements, can be brought together in the professional technical specifications proposed to the authorities for advice.
These professional guides and technical specifications, drawn up by the members of the main relevant professional bodies, are subjected to the approval of the MEEDDAT after consultation with the Central Committee for Pressure Vessels. After the corresponding ministerial circulars on implementation are signed, some of them are distributed and maintained by the AFIAP.

The technical guides currently available are:

  • Guide des bonnes pratiques pour le contrôle par émission acoustique des équipements sous pression et son CD-ROM – référence D358/1
    • and the erratum available here
  • Guideline for acoustic emission testing of pressure equipment with CD-ROM – reference D370/1
    • and the erratum available here
  • Guide de classification des modifications ou réparations de tuyauteries d’usine – 1ère édition, février 2004 et son CD-ROM - Référence D369
    • and the erratum available here

Order the guides directly on the CETIM website.


  • Guide de classification des modifications ou réparations des équipements sous pression soumis à la règlementation française – 2ème édition et son CD-ROM – référence D357

For any inquiries about the above guide, contact the AFIAP administrative service directly by email on afiap@afiap.org or by telephone on + 33 (0) 1 47 17 62 73.


The AFIAP, within the scope of the GMA, published professional technical specifications in May 2011 :

  • Cahier technique « Alternatives à la radio iridium – Cas de ESP » - 1ère édition (mai 2011). You can find more information on the dedicated page.

For any questions regarding the technical specifications, please direct your inquiries to the AFIAP administrative service by email: afiap@afiap.org or telephone on + 33 (0) 1 47 17 62 73.

Or download the specifications: